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Michael Yip

Michael wears many hats over the years, starting out in the media industry across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 15+ years before taking a chance in running his own businesses in Social Media Management, Events Management and Media Production.

When the pandemic hits, it affected his business and the NGOs he was with badly. As the ruling government was focusing more on their own wealth and not effective in combating Covid-19 and taking care of Malaysian, he decide to step out of his comfort zone and get into SAINS to hopefully make a change with fellow like-minded individuals.

Vice - Chairman

Mohd Sadik Bin Abu Kadir



Yvonne Soe Chea Wen



Abu Huraira

Although with a background in finance, Abu is passionate about improving the livelihood of communities through the introduction of cultures that are more beneficial to moving forward in a brighter direction.

He believes that the real potential of Malaysia had been hindered by corruption and misinformation and strives to change that

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Wan Asmanizan Wan Ahmad Najib

Having more than a decade of experience in Malaysian media, journalism, and teaching, Asma found a calling to join like-minded members of SAINS to stand side by side with her compatriot and take the challenge to contribute to a better Malaysia, in her capacity as a communication and PR practitioner.

Although the pandemic forces us to stay apart, it has, under the circumstances, brought us closer together in ideologies, and fighting spirit in the overarching objective to change the nation’s future based on science and technology. Through SAINS, Asma believes these can be achieved thus creates a more informed, knowledge-seeking, and proactive Malaysians.

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Ain Shariffuddin

Nurain is passionate about women and children rights. As a counsellor-in-training, her aim is on helping women who are suffering from domestic issues, parenting, children development, and as well as mental health.

She if hopeful that being with SAINS will provide a platform in reaching out to more individuals that needs help.

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Sugaindra Kumar

bai qin

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Lee Bai Qin

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Darius Law

A small time mobile app developer who loves sourdough, Darius is interested in interested in helping out the communities around him. He believes in the idea that anyone who wishes to champion or even aid on an issue should have the voice & support to do so without any political barrier of entry.

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