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Uniting Malaysians of all gender, age, beliefs and culture. Science For All.

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Why Science?

Evidence-Based Policies First.

Parti Aspirasi Sains is founded with the primary goal of implementing evidence-based policies based on science and data that is sustainable and beneficial for all Malaysians.

An Anti-Poverty Nation.

We will be Malaysia’s first (and loudest) voice in the fight for a basic monthly income for all B60 households. We believe people have the right to live a quality life with dignity.

A Trickle-Up Economy.

Creating opportunities for decent work, fighting income inequality and ending cycles of poverty will be the cornerstone of our party’s plan for Malaysia’s brighter, more equitable future.

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September 6, 2021
All Day
Simposium Sains 2021

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[Kenyataan Khas] Menteri Pendidikan Mesti Bentang Pelan Pembukaan Sekolah di Dewan Rakyat | Minister of Education Must Brief Dewan Rakyat on School Reopening Plan - 28 Julai 2021


SAINS is disturbed by the attempt, in parliament today, to lobby for ivermectin use prior to the conclusion of clinical trials and approval by NPRA. SAINS stands firm that any policy MUST be based on evidence. We urge everyone to stop politicising this contentious issue.

Terima kasih, @n_izzah, kerana menggunakan masa yang ada di Parlimen untuk mengangkat isu banjir yang bakal melanda tak lama lagi. SAINS telah membangkitkan keperluan Kerajaan Prihatin PN untuk menambahbaik kesiapsiagaan pengurusan bencana banjir pada 14 Jun yang lalu.

Parti Aspirasi Sains Malaysia (SAINS) 🪐@PASSPusat

[Kenyataan Khas] 14 Jun 2021 - Kerajaan Prihatin PN Perlu Menambahbaik Kesiapsiagaan Sebelum Bencana Banjir Melanda

Tune in to @CityPlusFM 106 Klang Valley | 92.5 Kuching this evening at 6pm or stream online at

Sharing my personal and party's opinion on Sarawak Post Covid 2030 exit plan and the upcoming Sarawak State Elections.

今天下午6點 收聽 @CityPlusFM

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